Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Week

This is my first Holy Week here in Capital, so I'm learning a new set of traditions. Maundy Thursday we adapted a tenebrae service I used in Tiny Village. As we moved into darkness, we had the sun setting on our big screens. Unfortunately, there wasn't a convenient door to slam when the grave shut, but we found a sound clip on line we were able to use.

Last night was the community Good Friday service. My predecessor had not participated in the local ministerial association, so the congregation had not participated in the Good Friday service in several years. Daughter and I were the only ones from Capital who attended, and I had a part. It was nice to be part of an ecumenical service. It's nice to have relationships with colleagues. Very nice.

There is only one service here on Easter, and no breakfast. I'll miss flowering the cross, but I won't miss being at the church by 6:30 in the morning. It has been a relatively easy Holy Week on the church this year-- I'm reworking some old things. Administrative Assistant and I have been working ahead on the bulletins, which made thins much less frantic in the office. I have a board meeting Monday evening, and I recruited one of the board members to do the educational piece so I don't have to plan anything for the meeting.

I need to decide today if I'm going to make the top to go with the skirt I made Daughter for Easter, or buy one that will match. The top is trickier than I'd like. I will look at it again this morning and then make a decision. It should be a fairly relaxing day today. Daughter has requested that we go see the movie Hop. We may do that, depending on her attitude today.

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