Monday, April 11, 2011

The Official Start of Spring

I'm not sure which of these events marks the official start of spring: the blooming of the first daffodil in my yard, or the start of the construction season. Both happened today. This summer they are rebuilding the main East-West road through Capital. It is between my house and the church. They have closed the road to all eastbound traffic. The detour goes by the church. Many people are making their own detours. The result is that traffic is very heavy on alternate routes. One woman sat through 7 signal lights today before she could get through. It could be a long summer. Very long.

As I anticipated, it was a crazy day at the church. I lost track of the number of people who came through my office. Some good things are happening, and it was a good day, though a long one. I had two committee meetings tonight. I informed the financial people that we were going to need a new phone system soon. Over 10 years ago someone who worked in the industry gave us a used phone system. It was free. It was used. It's no longer possible to find the owner's manual on-line. It's not supported anymore. It has not been possible to reprogram or modify features. It doesn't support caller ID. I could go on. In Tiny Village, they would have told me it was fine and they weren't spending money. Here, the committee assigned someone to research prices and said it had to be replaced. It almost makes up for the traffic....

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