Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Yesterday I figured out that Daughter is having a difficult time engaging with her New Therapist because she believes if she does, she is betraying Therapist near Tiny Village. We talked about that on our way to her appointment, and then she wanted me to come back with her. After she explained to New Therapist why she is done with Birth Brother, she looked to me because she couldn't explain things. I asked if this was about our conversation on the way there, and she nodded. I explained her concerns to NT and then left them and returned to the waiting area.

Daughter came out of the session relieved and smiling. Maybe, just maybe, this will enable her to do some good work now with NT.

I'm taking my awesome Administrative Assistant to lunch to day-- some told me it's Administrative Professional's Day. It will be a nice break on a gray, rainy day.

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