Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Daughter's blood sugar was sky high this morning. She immediately told me she hadn't eaten anything. When I was skeptical, she started swearing at me. I reminded her that she'd said the same thing until I discovered she taken a box of thin mints a couple of weeks ago. There was more to the conversation than that, obviously, but I did remain calm and didn't let her blame me. I told her that it was her actions that caused me to question whether she was telling the truth.


This afternoon I came home and made brownies for the Lenten supper tonight. In the midst of my baking, a neighbor's dog chased one of the neighborhood cats up a tree in my backyard. I walked out briefly to talk with the neighbors who had come to retrieve their dog. Daughter took advantage of the unlocked refrigerator to eat an entire half gallon container of ice cream.


Her blood sugar was sky high again before supper. Yes, I get tired of this. I don't like having to keep everything locked up constantly. Yesterday Kitten was locked in my bedroom all day. I'm keeping it locked now so Daughter won't get in there and search for spare keys. It's not much fun living this way. Sigh.


Miz Kizzle said...

It's too bad that your home has to be like a high-security prison in lockdown mode. I guess you have to keep in mind that your DD is constantly thinking up ways to stuff her face with sweets. From what I've read that trait is common in diabetics who are either active alcoholics or those who were born with FAS.
Can you ban sweets like brownies and ice cream from your household? Neither one is good for anyone's health. Unlike your DD you can drive to a store. If you get a hankering for a brownie you can purchase one to consume in private.

Reverend Mom said...

Good idea, except if there aren't sweets available (which there usually aren't), she'll eat whatever is available. She once hid a box of saltine crackers under the toilet.