Friday, April 22, 2011


Yesterday Daughter called and asked about insulin for popcorn. She wasn't surly, which I saw as an improvement. She called again when I was at a lunch meeting with colleagues. I ignored the call, figuring she'd text or leave a voice mail if it was urgent. She did neither

When we got home yesterday afternoon, I began the process of filling pill boxes for the next month. She asked if I wanted help, and I told her not with the pill boxes, but I would like the family room cleaned. She immediately got to work, and she did a good job. After worship last night, Administrative Assistant's Husband and I were practicing for Sunday morning. Daughter helped AA take down the Maundy Thursday items and put up the things we needed for Easter Sunday. I thanked her for her cooperation with the family room and worship set up.

This morning she got up and into the shower without as soon as I turned on her bedroom light and pulled her covers off. She put her linens in the wash with no prompting from me. When I reminded her to pick up the bath mat, she said, "Thank you." As I took her to her program, I thanked her. She said she supposed she still had to go to a group home, and I told her we would continue with the process, as it would take time. I reminded her we'd still be a family and see each other often. She decided that as long as she could take a portrait of the two of us together, it would be okay to move out. I told we would still go on vacations together. That brought up the bed wetting issue. I agreed that I wouldn't take her on vacation as long as she was wetting the bed, and told her we aren't going camping this summer. She commented that she'd ruined things. I told her she still had time to prove to me she was done wetting the bed.

As the conversation continued, she acknowledged that she could stop if she wants to, but is just too lazy to get out of bed when she needs to go. I told her I thought it was easier to get up and go to the bathroom than wash her linens and remake her bed daily. Her response, "But at least I'm getting lots of practice making my bed for the group home!"

How long will this bounce last? I have no idea, but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. She's called twice today trying to convince me to come get her. I have refused, and told her I know she can handle the day. In the second call, she told me she just wanted to spend time with me. I reminded her we'd be together for the next two days, and she'd be sick of me before it was over. Sunday we're going to meet Sister Best Friend for dinner at a restaurant. That will be fun.


maeve said...

Said it before and will say it again: your girl is so smart! She thought long and hard about ODD and decided that it wasn't working out for her.

I'm learning from you. Thanks for sharing.

Reverend Mom said...

I hope she's smart enough to stay out of ODD....