Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Bad Combination

While Daughter has improved, she still is running on the manic side. She also has a cold. The result has not been pleasant. She's irritable. She doesn't feel good, but she wants to do things. So she went between telling me she was sick to do anything and insisting I had to take her out to do something exciting or let her undertake a big project. It was not fun.

I am concerned about sending her to respite Tuesday. She was sobbing and asking not to go to the new place today. She wondered why she just couldn't go with me. I'm feeling very torn about the whole thing. I wish she were a little more stable. Hopefully she'll be recovering from her cold by Tuesday. Hopefully.


First Lee said...

The human body sometimes reacts to viruses in a way that can induce depression in people without psychological disorders. It must be more difficult for Daughter.

Reverend Mom said...

First Lee,

I wsn't aware of that. Thanks for the helpful information!