Friday, September 9, 2011

A Blessing

Daughter was again disruptive at her program today. I got text before noon telling me I should be grateful she was there an not at home with me. I assured Program Manager I was very grateful. A mother was in to talk to PM about how much Daughter's acting out bothers her son. She wondered if he could attend days Daughter doesn't attend-- hard to do, given that Daughter is there 5 days a week. Now here's the blessing: they aren't calling me to come get her after a meltdown. They aren't telling me she can't be there until she's stable. They've put additional staff on to try to minimize the problems. Other participants are threatening to quit because of Daughter, but they aren't kicking her out. I think I'd be annoyed if I was the mother of one of the individuals being bothered by her, but I'm not, so I'm grateful.

PM told me I could be in for a rough weekend. Her recommendation is that if Daughter threatens to kill me again, I have her hospitalized. Fortunately, so far my plan is working. I had the list of work on the kitchen table, and she came in and started working. A couple of times she has seemed to be moving toward a meltdown, but I haven't taken the bait.

She was concerned to find out Brother and family are coming tomorrow. She said she would frighten them. I told her she could go downstairs if things were getting to her. Now she's excited about seeing her baby cousin. Hopefully she'll continue to be cooperative tomorrow.

If she moves to a group home, she will be changing programs. I'd prefer to keep her in the current program, but they are looking forward to her going elsewhere. In fact, Program Manager hopes that the first one I visit Monday morning will work. We'll see. The transition will be hard, wherever she goes.

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