Sunday, September 18, 2011

Marathon Sunday

This morning was the first morning that I taught adult education at 8:30 (worship is at 10:00). It has turned into a marathon day. Daughter is napping on the love seat in my study, and I'm taking a short break before getting into the next task.

I had the sermon outlined and the powerpoint started when I left Thursday. Since I was so confident, I didn't look at it again until late yesterday afternoon, when I discovered a computer crash had erased all I had done. So, I rewrote the sermon and struggled to remember who had posted the quote on facebook that I had wanted to use (I finally remembered and found the quote on her wall). When went to bed (late) last night. The sermon had been rewritten, and I'd pulled a bunch of images for the powerpoint, though they weren't yet in order.

Overnight I realized I needed to rework the middle section of the sermon. I was up before 5:00 this morning. I reworked the sermon, and then showered, dressed, and did hair and make-up. I was to the church by 7:00. I finalized the powerpoint and put it on a flash drive which I placed on the AV desk for the AV people to find. I was downstairs setting up the portable projector for adult ed when someone came to get me. There were two men who wanted to speak to me. They wanted me to write a letter to my Senators about a situation in an Iraqi refugee camp. Both of them had family members in the camp. They had letters ready for my signature, but I told them I wanted to put it in my own words. Since they were presenting the letters tomorrow, I promised to have them ready this afternoon.

After a quick fast food lunch, we came back to the church so I could write the letters and get ready for nominating committee this evening. After the men pick up the letter I will drop Daughter off with one of the saints and go lead worship at the nursing home. Usually, Daughter goes with me, but I decided it would be best not to take her into the nursing home when she has a cold. I'll pick her up after worship and come back to the church to train the nominating committee. If that goes well, we should get home about 5:00.

Now it's back to work. Usually my Sundays aren't quite this busy. This is going to be a very busy week, so I want to get a head start on it today. Fortunately, Daughter is cooperating. I'm grateful.

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