Thursday, September 8, 2011


Daughter slept last night. I gave her the higher dose of her sleeping pill about 9:00. She went to bed, and I could hear her in her bedroom talking to herself for about an hour. When I got up this morning, she was still asleep. I woke her about 5:30. I asked if she'd been up through the night, and she said she hadn't, in fact, she'd wet the bed. She put her linens in the washing machine before she left.

I'll take wet linens over the manic insomnia of the last few nights. She was calmer last night. She tried to get me to say no so she could get mad at me, but I refused to take her bait. I was tired, and she knew she'd pushed me to my limit. She told me several times that she doesn't mean to treat me badly. She didn't rage when she couldn't engage me. Improvements. I'm grateful. I'm still going to check out group homes on Monday. It's time.

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