Friday, September 16, 2011

Women Rock!

I was in the middle of mowing the lawn when I realized the rear view was about to fall off. It was plastic, and had broken. I came in and did some research on line, and found out that many people had had this problem with this particular mower. I could try to return it for a refund, but that wouldn't get my lawn mowed. I also discovered that some other brand wheels would fit. I got out my socket set and removed the wheel, and then headed to the local lawn mower repair shop. I walked in and and saw a man behind the counter. I handed him the wheel, and explained I was looking for a replacement. He asked the brand, and I told him. He repeated, and a woman, who I hadn't noticed, corrected him as to the brand, explaining that he was naming the engine brand, but the mower was made by the other company I had named. He came back a minute later. "We don't have it. If you get me a part number, I can order it."

"Do you have something else that might fit?"

He replied with more than a hint of condescension in his voice, "Ma'am, they are not interchangeable."

"I realize that, but I also know that other brands will sometimes fit."

The woman came over with a wheel. "Will this work? Then we won't have to send it back."

He looked skeptical. I took the broken piece and placed it over the hole. "Same size. Do you have a ruler or tape measure?"

He said, "They aren't the same," and walked off in disgust. She pulled out a tape measure and carefully pieced my broken wheel back together. She measured. The measurements were identical. I bought it, as well as the second one they had ordered for a customer who never bothered to pick them up when they came in. I told her I'd be back if they didn't work.

Within 30 minutes of realizing I had a broken wheel, I was back mowing the lawn. The yellow wheel above is the replacement one. I am quite proud of myself, and the woman in the store who dared to think a wheel that looked very different might fit my mower. Women Rock!

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