Thursday, September 29, 2011


Saw Psychiatrist yesterday morning, and heard lots of news.

There will soon be an opening at the one residential placement I thought had potential for Daughter. I will visit again, gather more information, and then Program Manager, Case Manager and I will sit down and strategize about how to help Daughter through the transition. She doesn't know I've been looking at placements. I didn't want her to get anxious when I didn't know how long it would take.

Case Manager is leaving to take a different job. She's going to talk to her supervisor about the importance of Daughter having a skilled, long-term case manager. We don't want her floating among temporary case managers.

Program Manager will be off most of next week as she moves. Daughter does not do well when Program Manager isn't there. Daughter has been struggling at program this week due to staff changes there and additional people beginning at the program.

Daughter has decided she wants to go to Chicago. She's furious because I won't let her go. I told her that when she's not safe in our own kitchen unless all the food is locked up, she's not safe to travel alone. She has managed to save almost $50, so she offered to buy my airline ticket so I could go with her. Psychiatrist increased her new anti psychotic yesterday. She also recommended we look into EMDR therapy for her. Unfortunately Blogger is not being cooperative this morning, so I'm unable to link to information about it, but a google search will turn it up. I've long been interested in this, but there weren't opportunities in Tiny Village. Case Manager is checking it out to see if they have someone in the agency who can do it.

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