Friday, September 23, 2011


I'm doing more shopping since I moved to Capital. I suppose that what happens when you don't have to drive over 10 miles to get to a store. Today I went to the overgrown farm market. I bought some apples, grapes, and cheese. This place started as a farm market. It has been added to over the years multiple times, so it is kind of a maze. They have fruits, vegetables, ethnic foods, tons of cheeses, a broad selection of beer and wine, bakery, flowers, a garden center, bulk candy, including a large selection of sugar free stuff. What I love is that there is grand piano in the floral department, so often there is live music when I go in to do my shopping. We didn't have anything like it in Tiny Village, that's for sure.

Last Friday I purchased a new stove,and it was delivered today. It's a double oven, 5 burner gas range, and I love it. Hopefully Far Away Sister will get me a check for the last bit ofmy inheritance before the bill comes. I've got a pork shoulder cooking on the simmer burner for pulled pork. I made tortilla pizzas for supper, and I also just finished a batch of yeast rolls. This is the third date we've had scheduled for Brother and his family to come. I hope that he will make it Sunday. At this point I'm planning to serve pulled pork sandwiches, au gratin potatoes, and some kind of apple dessert. I guess I'll have to stop playing with my stove and do some cleaning and sermon writing tomorrow so I'll be ready for company....

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