Monday, September 26, 2011


Brother, Sister-in-law, and Baby Nephew came to visit yesterday after church. Baby Nephew just turned 6 months old. He's a wonderful baby. He is a very happy little guy, who was very willing to hang with Daughter or me. He loves to dance. He's not crawling yet, but he loves to hold onto some one's fingers and walk. Daughter loved spending time with her little cousin.

After we ate, Daughter got up on her own and cleaned up the kitchen. I was impressed. She did go downstairs a couple of times when she got overwhelmed, and that was fine. They stayed long enough I ended up feeding them supper, too. It was wonderful to just sit around talking and enjoying Baby Nephew.

Sister put an offer on a house yesterday. Far Away Sister and I are concerned about the advice her realtor gave her. Sister has been living with her ex-husband. She was living with him while he tried to refinance their home, but the bank wasn't cooperating, and he's finally agreed to do a short sale. Sister operates based on emotion, and trying to get her to look at things from a financial perspective is almost impossible.

When she sent me a link to the house she liked, I did some research online, and suggested this might be a short sale. She insisted it wasn't. Her realtor finally looked at the same information I had found and talked to the listing agent. It turns out that if the sellers don't get a full price offer, the sale won't cover the balance on their mortgage. The house is listed way above market value. I suggested Sister may want to do some research, but she didn't see the necessity of it.

Brother lives closer to Sister than I do, so he took some of the boxes from my move home for Sister to use for hers. Sister has never live alone. Technically, she still won't be living alone, as she has Short Niece, who is almost 7. It will be a big adjustment, though, and we are anticipating that she will need lots of support.

I'm glad we're closer to family, and can spend a Sunday afternoon/evening just spending time with them.

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