Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Foiled Again?

I've been giving Daughter the minimum dose of her sleeping pill. Last night I decided to give her the full dose, and see if that would enable her to sleep through the night. It was close to 10:00 when she went to bed. When I got up to go the bathroom at 3:30, she was awake and doing something with a book. I didn't investigate further because I didn't want to engage her. I went back to my bedroom and locked the door behind me. (She was so volatile and making so many threats last night I decided to sleep with my door locked).

When I got up at 5:30, she was in the kitchen, dressed and organizing the homework Therapist had given her. So much for the increase in the sleeping pill helping her sleep through the night. In preparation for lunch with Case Manager, she had researched carb information at 3 fast food restaurants and had written down meals and carbs. She told me she wanted to make a fresh start. Am I optimistic? No, I'm tired. Very tired. The best I can say is that she's someone else's challenge for 10 hours today, and I'm grateful for the break. I have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after 21 years with Daughter, and today I'm on edge.

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Anonymous said...

i have been reading your blog for over a year and repeatedly have come to the conclusion that "daughter" is playing you like a fiddle! she knows just how far to go and what buttons to push repeatedly!
your kind heart and good intentions enable her to keep doing what she is doing over and over again.
the only time you will see change is if she goes to a group home where she can't play games and get away with it. good luck for her sake as well as yours. is all this worth pstd????