Friday, September 2, 2011


Daughter has new glasses.  We spent the morning getting our eyes examined.  She's had diabetes for 11 years now, and no sign of diabetic eye problems, just very poor vision.  Her old glasses are still missing, so we went from the ophthalmologist to a one hour glasses place and got her new glasses.  While they were being made, we got lunch and I picked up some things for my cell phone. 

She is delighted to be able to see again.

We had time to talk in the car this morning.  We decided she won't work the concession stand at the college football game.  She'll go hang out with Administrative Assistant.  She's afraid of having another meltdown.  "Mom, I can't control them.  I hate that I can't control it." 

We also talked about her problems with others at her program.  She sees herself as the victim, even though I know she has been cruel to others.  I pointed that out, but she sees that as her defense.  She's not rationale enough yet to process it all. 

She's improving, but still has a way to go.  I suspect it will take some more tweaking of her medications. 

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