Friday, September 9, 2011

Over Sleeping

When I woke up this morning, the bus was out in front. I guess I was exhausted. I'll take her to her program in a few minutes. She didn't wet the bed last night, and she did sleep, apparently. She locked her bedroom door. I guess she needed protection from me. She also left her light on all night, so she probably was afraid to go to sleep again. I realize she's suffering, and feel bad for her. At this point, though, my priority is my own safety, and she has worn me down. After I drop her off, I'm going to eat breakfast at a pancake house. I think I need some chocolate chip pancakes this morning. Okay, maybe I don't need them, but I do want them.

I think I'll contact Brother and Sister-in-law and see if we can reschedule our plans for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the eternal puzzle re. how much responsibility is hers, and how much yours, for being ready in the morning. C. Bodie uses the southernism "busleft" for those instances when someone purposely isn't ready or prefers mom's personal service. Lifting up the rest of your day -- it should get better. -- R. in Salt Lake

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks, R. I am making it better. As you can see, I'm making plans for tomorrow that aren't dependent on Daughter. That's good and healthy. It will frustrate her no end, but that's her problem, not mine.