Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tonight's Death Threat

Daughter once again threatened to kill me this evening. What, you may ask, did I do that was so terrible? I said she needed a bedtime snack and got out ice cream for her. Yes, I'm serious. Ice cream. I don't know, maybe she would have preferred chocolate.

It's so ridiculous I have to laugh. I will sleep with my bedroom door locked tonight, and I will continue to keep knives locked up.

She did create a crisis at her program today, and had two other people talking about quitting to escape her drama. She called me to come get her. Of course I didn't. She informed me that she was going quit her program and stay home until she could find a job. Not happening.


Anonymous said...

I am hoping the 2 others in the home are women? Excited for your visit on Monday. Hang in there this weekend! Rachel in SL

Reverend Mom said...

Unfortunately, one is male. They assure me it won't be a problem. He's in a wheelchair and sticks to himself. As far as I know, wheelchairs don't neuter men. There's a man at her program who wanted to run her over with his wheelchair yesterday....