Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year

I have to admit, I am glad to leave 2009 behind. It was a painful year in very many ways. I discovered the betrayal of Unauthorized Borrower. Both of my parents died. Daughter was hospitalized twice, and I now must keep all medications locked up. I have to supervise her insulin.
But through that, there have been good things. These struggles have brought me much closer to Far Away Sister. For the first time in my life, I am not stressed about finances. Without the stress of dealing with my aging parents, I have been able to focus on bringing order to the chaos of my home, and have had the money to hire someone to help me do it. The stress of the last year has resulted in increased patience, a better perspective on priorities, and a deeper faith. I have learned to let go of things. I am more at peace.
As I look forward to 2010, it is with excitement. I find myself wondering if this is the year that God will call me to a new ministry. I look forward to new opportunities. A young woman in the congregation has gotten a job that will have her working on Sunday mornings. She's asked me to provide her with Scripture and reflections to enable her to continue to grow spiritually when she can't get to worship. I find myself wondering what new ways I might find to provide her with that, and if it is a call to provide it for others, as well.
With increased energy, I intend to continue the changes I have been making toward a healthier lifestyle for both Daughter and me. I intend to be more active physically, and to continue to improve our diet. I have been doing more cooking and relying less on convenience food, and that is a trend I want to continue and strengthen. I am enjoying have a clean and organized home and office, and want to continue and strengthen that. I also want to continue to let go of things. The year stretches out before me, full of opportunity and promise. I am excited to see where it may lead. May 2010 bring blessings to all of us as God leads us in new and exciting directions.


Anonymous said...

(((RM))) I pray that 2010 is a blessed year for you and yours.

Freddae' said...

Happy New Year! I wanted to let you know I've given you an award on my blog. Blessings.


Reverend Mom said...

Thank you both.

BW, I hope that you quickly find a new call to a healthy congregation.

Freddae', I'm on my way now to check it out!