Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I had a phone interview last night. This morning I received a call that the committee wants to talk further. We are setting up a time for me to go visit with them, and they are checking my references. This position would put me closer to Sister and Brother, which is a good thing (most of the time). It would provide more opportunities for Daughter. It would put us back in a major metropolitan area, though one that has been very hard hit by the economy. It would provide me with new challenges.
Today I'm finding it very hard to concentrate on the work I need to do here. I was very close to receiving a call several years ago, and then it fell through. So while I am closer to a move, I know there is no guarantee. Living in the uncertainty is a challenge. At times it feels like I'm living a lie-- because I have to continue making plans for here. I have two weddings lined up, yet I know that I may not be here to do either one of them. Yet I have to plan as though I will be here. We will be setting the calendar for the year at the board retreat Sunday afternoon. How many of those events will I attend?
The uncertainty is especially hard on Daughter. I was surprised at how excited she was last night when she found out I had an interview with a church that would take us closer to family. She was delighted. Since she had been talking about marrying NG, I was expecting her to protest that she couldn't leave him and her other friends. She did mention it in passing a little later, but wasn't overly concerned about it, which is another indication of how unrealistic their plans are.
I keep reminding Daughter (and myself) that God has placed us in two wonderful churches, and will do that again. I remind us that God's time is not our time, and that we must be patient and wait on God's time. That doesn't mean the waiting is easy, though. That doesn't mean that living in uncertainty is comfortable. It just means that I know this isn't forever.


maeve said...

This is great news. I won't jinx it by saying one more thing. Good luck. M.

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