Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Different Kind of Phone Call

Daughter has been dragging in the morning, so I told her she had to go to bed early last night. She remembered, and got herself ready for bed early. This morning she was up and dressed before the alarm clock. She came in and woke me up. I spent the morning in the office, and around 11:00, my cell phone rang. I had a sinking feeling when I look down and saw that it was Daughter calling-- though at least she was using her cell phone, not calling me with help from one of the workshop phones.
She called to tell me they didn't have work and she was bored! I thanked her for telling me she was bored instead of trying to convince me she was sick and dying. That was a first. Usually she calls with all kinds of weird symptoms in an attempt to get me to pick her up early (maybe after telling her no 1,562 times she knows that doesn't work). I asked her what she took to the workshop for entertainment. She told me she had some of her art supplies, so I reminded her that Therapist had asked her to draw a picture. She perked right up, "Oh, I forgot!"
At that point the call dropped, but she didn't call me back. I'm very impressed. Today, there is hope.

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Just read A genius in the family.

Piers du Pre (younger brother of the late cellist Jacqueline du Pre) had one of his employers tell him:

"If you're doing nothing, it's usually because you forgot to do something."

And for him as a pilot, daydreaming would be really costly.