Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Calls from the Workshop

I had two calls from the workshop today. Nurse called to tell me Daughter had pulled one of her unresponsive tricks and frightened the supervisors again. Endo sent back an order that if she has a grand mal seizure they are to call the squad immediately. We wanted a 5 minute waiting period because of her psychogenic seizures. I'll need to call him. Nurse will be gone next week, and so staff will have to call a squad if Daughter pulls this on them.
Then Case Manager called with Daughter in her office. Daughter was upset about the possibility of a move, so of course she'd been talking to her supervisor and CM about it. If all of Tiny Village doesn't know I'm looking by tomorrow morning, it will be a miracle. Sigh. I reassured Daughter that we would be together and Cat and Kitten would be with us and the important things wouldn't change. I also told her about the call I'd received from Nurse. I told her she had to stop pulling this, and if she didn't, she wouldn't be able to go to the workshop. She didn't like that.
To further complicate things, Flasher is supposed to start back at the workshop next week. Apparently NG has gone into protective mode and is ordering Daughter to stay away from Flasher. Daughter doesn't respond well to orders, so Daughter and NG are not currently speaking. I guess that means the wedding plans are off. The return of Flasher will be just one more trigger for her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We won't even talk about the issues that will be raised when we head out of her so I can go for an interview in a couple of weeks. I anticipate that the next few weeks will be challenging ones for Daughter.
Daughter came home mad tonight. I had called her on her behavior in front of CM. I also told her she couldn't go to basketball skills tonight, because she had scared them at the workshop today. Then I sat down with her and acknowledged the stress, reassured her that the important things won't change, and promised that I would help her work through all of this. She is now asleep in the side chair in my study. I anticipate her sticking close to me for the next few weeks. Hopefully the cymbalta with its anti-anxiety properties will help her cope.

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