Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oldies but Goodies

I knew that when we took away seizures as a way of expressing her stress, Daughter would find other ways. Yesterday evening I opened the drawer of her nightstand and found 3 empty jars of simply fruit, an empty package of chocolate chips, and various other empty food containers. I didn't find the bag of tortilla chips I was seeking. When confronted, she found it and brought it down to me. I installed the new alarm I had purchased for her bedroom door. She got up twice during the night to use the bathroom, but her blood sugar this morning assures me she didn't make a detour through the kitchen.
Having deprived her of yet another coping mechanism, I received a call from her at about 11:00 this morning. She needed help. The voices are back. I reminded her of some of the tools we've given her for coping with voices and told her I'd see her this afternoon. Fortunately, she has an appointment with Therapist.
We talked some more about Nice Guy. They are both very jealous of their friends who are married and pregnant. NG wants to be like them. Daughter recognizes that they are messing up their lives and is terrified. I'm beginning to think it is time for her to tell NG that they should just be friends. I don't think he can handle having a girl friend and not planning his wedding. For Daughter, the thought of getting married and leaving home triggers her PTSD and creates all kinds of problems. If I'm this tired of it, she must be wiped out.
Hopefully Therapist will be able to help her sort through her feelings. At least I know what the major issue is, and I don't have to play guessing games.

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