Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Over

The romance is officially over. Daughter called Nice Guy from Therapist's office to break up with him. She told me on the way there that he wasn't showing her respect and he didn't understand what she'd been through and the impact it had on her. She said if he understood and respected him, he wouldn't be pressuring her and trying to move so fast.
When she got to Therapist's office, she revealed that the story that Flasher was coming back had been a lie. She said she couldn't trust NG any more. The fear of Flasher's return had her tied up in knots last week. She talked about the fun they'd had, but said the bad outweighed the good now. She worked out what she wanted to say to him, and then she called him.
As she talked about breaking up, she suddenly perked up and said, "Then I can pray for Mom to get the new call!" I was wondering how much of her current struggle was about fear of moving. I'm sure that is contributing, but it seems as though in some ways she is ready and welcoming of a move. She would like to get away from some of the friends who have been adding to her stress.
After the break up, she was sad. I suggested she write a list about the reasons she was breaking up, and then when she had doubts she could look at the list. She thought that was a great idea. We went out to eat after her appointment, and now we're home and she's happy, cooperative, and eager to be helpful and do her chores. I pray we will now have a time of peace before the next crisis comes along.


Anonymous said...

I can hear you breathing a sigh of relief from here! SO,,,, does your dd still have to learn to do laundry??? JK

Hugs owl

Reverend Mom said...

I doubt it-- I think she's back to thinking she'll live with me forever....