Saturday, January 2, 2010


We spent this morning working with C to get all the Christmas decorations down and put away. When we finished, I reheated some left-overs for lunch. Daughter came in to get her insulin. She started to walk away, and then she turned around and said, "Hey! I've noticed two things. I'm not crying about Grandma and Grandpa anymore. I'm having good dreams about them. I'm being more cooperative, too."
She is right. She is doing much better. It's nice to have her on a more even keel. She has even handled these last few days of unstructured vacation time well. I haven't heard her whine once about needing to be back at the workshop now and hating vacation. She initiated a movie with NG on Thursday, and had a good time. She'd been doing everything she could to avoid him. She's beginning to take some initiative in keeping the house clean, too.
Of course, she's still not perfect. Yesterday evening I went up and confiscated a package of crackers she'd hidden in her room. I know that cymbalta won't be a cure all that will solve all her problems. But if she's not crying and clinging to me, it will be much easier to deal with the problems that still exist. So far 2010 is looking much better than 2009.

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