Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This morning I had an EGD (scope down my esophagus into my stomach) done. I was diagnosed with GERD several years ago, and before we moved I began to have difficulty swallowing. I felt like food was getting stuck, so I went in for an EGD. They stretched my esophagus, but there was so much scar tissue they couldn't stretch it completely. I was feeling like food was getting stuck again, so I got a referral to a GI specialist here, and the EGD was scheduled for today. I also had a barium study done a couple of weeks ago. I have some blood work I still need to get done.
There were no big major problems today, but there were a number of little things. The anesthesiologist circled some things on my EKG. I asked what he was circling and he said I wasn't supposed to see that. He then asked if I'd had a stress test, and I told him I'd not only had a stress test, I'd had a catheterization and it was fine. He said that was good, then asked how long ago that was.
The GI doctor wanted to know about my scleroderma. My blood work is positive for progressive systemic scleroderma, but the rheumatologist wasn't sure it was accurate, as she didn't see any symptoms of the disease. The GI doctor assured me it was accurate. So I just did some research, and discovered that scleroderma can cause these issues with the esophagus. I didn't like what I read about the prognosis.
Over the years I have neglected my own health because I was spending so much time transporting Daughter to various specialists. I'd ignore my own problems. When I got to the point I was afraid to go to sleep because I kept waking up gasping for breath I finally went in for a sleep study. I've used a cpap machine faithfully since that time. It seems that I'm now seeing the results of delaying and neglecting my health now. Getting older doesn't help, either.
Administrative Assistant was going to pick me up (because I can't drive for 24 hours) for a Shrove Tuesday potluck at one of our sister churches. I just called and told her I'm not going to try to go. I'm tired, and once the numbing stuff wore off, my throat began to hurt. Maybe it's time I began to listen to my body. Hopefully it's not too late.

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