Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Adjusting

I am adjusting to living alone, but it has taken me longer than I anticipated. Yesterday I made my first meals for the freezer since Daughter moved out. I've also did more real cooking this past week. I think food has been hardest the thing for me since she moved out. I'm glad that I'm finally getting into a routine.

I've also taken on a small project in the kitchen, modifying a corner cabinet. Daughter and I have an ongoing discussion about what women can and can't do. She seems to think that anything that involves tools should be done by a man. I don't know where she gets that idea. I've always had tools, and always done minor repairs around the house.

Daughter is unhappy about Presidents' Day tomorrow. Her program will be closed. She doesn't want to be at her house tomorrow. She was desperately seeking someone to rescue her. I suggested she shift her focus to ways to have fun at her house. She wasn't happy with that idea.

She chose to stay longer today and go to the nursing home worship service with me. I was pleased that she wanted to be part of that. She's still frustrated by the new commitment to following her diet at the house. I'm delighted by it.

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