Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snowy Meetings

Today was a regional church meeting. I don't like it when these meetings are on Saturday. I prefer to have them through the week, but the hope is that by having them on Saturday employed lay people will be able to attend.
The meeting was on the other side of town, so I decided the snow wasn't an excuse to stay home. I also knew that people who lived further away and had gotten more snow would probably not make the meeting. So I went. The roads were terrible. I saw a number of cars that had gone off the road, including a truck that was overturned in the median on the interstate.
I saw some friends. We had a good discussion at lunch, and I have some material I'm going to use with my board. The meeting ran over-- so I was there for almost 7 hours. The roads weren't much better on the way home, unfortunately.
Daughter knew I was at a meeting all day, so she couldn't call me. She was not happy about that. She texted once, and I responded. I told her she could call her aunt. She called me this evening, sobbing because she hadn't been able to talk to me today and Saturdays are very boring. I wasn't very sympathetic. I pointed out that I did text here, and that she was able to call her aunt. I also reminded her that she managed to go a week without talking to me when she was at camp. I told her I looked forward to seeing her tomorrow morning. She finally recognized I wasn't buying her drama, and said goodbye. I'm sure she was very frustrated.


Anonymous said...

It always amazes me that Boredom is such a problem for my daughter. If there is no outside structure or expectation, and someone else is not making a plan for her (to be excited about, or to argue with) then things grind to a halt and she is Very Bored. I see an Exceedingly Tedious Future for her if she is unable to positively direct herself. But I guess that is where the conflict, argumentation and drama come in, as those can always be counted on to relieve the horrible Boredom.

Reverend Mom said...

Yes, Boredom is to be avoided. Daughter desperately needs structure and routine. When she lived here, if she got too bored, she'd sleep. There were periods when she slept a lot. She claims she's not allowed to take naps there, which may or may not be true.