Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vacation Plans

I've been struggling with plans for a vacation this summer. We haven't camped the last two summers, and I'd like to do it this summer. The struggle has been about Daughter. Will she be cooperative? Would I enjoy camping alone? Daughter gives me very mixed messages about camping. She claims she hates it, but once we get there she often doesn't want to leave (though she complains up until the last day, when she grudgingly admits she really likes it and would like to stay longer). She lobbies to stay in a motel, but it would be very difficult to swing a motel in the area we like. I can get a nice campsite for $21 a month, and then we can cook our own meals. I told her it's the difference between staying a week and going to concerts and staying one or two nights and skipping the concerts. I don't think she gets that.
So yesterday I was talking to the woman who picked Daughter up last Sunday. Daughter was telling her how much she was looking forward to camping this summer. She was telling her about all the fun things we do. So last night I told Daughter about the conversation. It was amusing. She tried to deny it. She tried to qualify it, "well, I had to talk about something...." Finally, she acknowledged it. She wants to camp this summer. The only thing she doesn't like is the bugs.
So today I started looking at the campground and searching out concert information. She called, asking what I was doing. I told her. She was excited. I'm sure she'll complain again before we actually go, but I'm looking forward to a week in the woods. It will be fun.

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