Friday, February 17, 2012

Something Good

There wasn't any choir last night, so Daughter and I enjoyed a quiet night here at home. She was excited about some "Mommy-Daughter" time. She had requested stromboli, so I made it. I used a new recipe, and she loved it.
We watched Mama Mia again. It was fun, mindless fun. She snuggled in next to me. It was just what we both needed. There wasn't any arguing or drama. She was happy and grateful. Of course I had all the food locked up.
Today I have an appointment with the Medical Coordinator at the home. We set this up at the psychiatrist appointment Monday. It should be an interesting meeting....


Jane said...

What's going on is just unbelievable.

Only you, on the scene, are in a position to appreciate the ramifications. But I agree, that if the agency is not taking action to fire those employees and fix the problems, it may be time to call APS.

Although it is difficult to have Toots at home, in a similar situation we also would not want to take her back to the residence. That was ungrammatical, but you know what I mean.

Hope your meeting today is productive.

Reverend Mom said...

It was a productive meeting (I hope)-- thanks.