Sunday, February 26, 2012

Unsurpassed Incompetence

On February 17, I pointed out Daughter had only been getting half of one of her meds since they started the new cards on the 16th. We pulled the second card out and put it in her pill box.
On February 24, I pointed out that she still wasn't getting the second pill every evening, and documented the nights she had missed pills.
On February 26, Daughter told me one of the staff members had "fixed" a problem with her meds and pulled out some pills that didn't belong in her box. My heart sank. When I took her back this afternoon, I inspected her meds. Sure enough, staff had pulled the second card of medication out of her box, and she was back to just getting one of them.
I would think that the administration would have made sure that all the staff knew about the issue and were administering Daughter's meds properly. I guess I was mistaken. We put the second card back in Daughter's box and highlighted the instructions. I wish I was optimistic that this would solve the problem.


I need a nap said...

How is it even possible to mess up this many times? I mean, wouldn't Murphy's Law dictate that they would get it right SOME of the time? How incredibly frustrating and stressful for you both.... Hope things can get figured out soon, this is a volatile situation that should not go on for too long...All the best, you are in my thoughts.

Reverend Mom said...

Good questions. I wish I knew the answers. Thanks for your support. I have sent off yet another email to the team. I wish I thought it would help.

jwg said...

Sorry, I think you are being too forgiving. It's time to call out the big guns and file a formal complaint with the licensing agency. Do it for the women in the home who don't have someone like you keeping an eye on things. And as you said the other day, it may be time to find a new placement.

maeve said...

OK, here's another question. How are they being paid? Maybe that's where you need to go to complain.

That's not a viable solution but maybe the devil you know is better than the one you don't.

This is all so appalling. They complain about her volatility but have made no connection between the behavior and the meds. Incompetent is right!!!!!

Reverend Mom said...

I'm going to email Case Manager and talk about filing a complaint and moving Daughter. You both are right, and enough is enough. Daughter pointed out some time back that I'm too much of a minister.