Friday, February 17, 2012

Parties and Peace

Daughter's program (and a number of other programs for the developmentally disabled) had a Valentine party at the church today. They had a band, a popcorn machine, and all sorts of fun. Daughter was doing a little rapid cycling there. She'd texted me that it was a terrible party, but when I got to the church and went downstairs to see give her a couple of books, she was dancing and happy. She came to find me, crying within 20 minutes. I told her she'd be fine, and suggested she take a break in a quiet room. She did, and that was the end of the complaining.

She's called twice since she got home. Both calls were happy and she didn't complain. She'll get back on the full dose of her seizure medication tonight, and that should help. She's on two meds for seizures, and since she moved we've discovered that both help with leveling out her moods. She also on two meds for the bipolar plus the anti psychotic. We've found that she needs everyone of them. I was pondering today what it would have been like to try to live with her before there were all these options for medication. I've decided I'm grateful for meds and don't want to know what life would be like with her unmedicated.

I'm meeting Sister Best Friend for breakfast tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to it. Now it's time for bed. The last few days have exhausted me.

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