Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Becoming a Pest

Last night Daughter was informed she couldn't have a sleeping pill because they were expired. The staff member was looking at the fill date of December 13 and decided they were expired and she couldn't have one.
This morning she called to ask if she could buy lunch today. Apparently the staff that was on last night decided the best way to deal with Daughter's lunch was not to make her one. I told her she needed to pack her lunch.
Each of these incidents resulted in an email to Case Manager, Home Manager, Medical Coordinator, and Nurse. The sleeping pill has been addressed, but they still are not responding to the concerns about the diet.
I have decided that Daughter and I are called to report the problems so that things will improve for all the residents. Of course, at some point they may decide to kick Daughter out, but until that time, we are going to do what we can to improve the care the residents receive.


jwg said...

At some point you may need to file a formal complaint with whoever regulates these homes. I hope you are keeping really good records! Your daughter and the other residents are lucky to have you on their side. Is there any way to have contact with the families of any of the other residents?

Reverend Mom said...

I have considered that possibility. Given that I live in the capital and a number of my members work for the state, it shouldn't be too hard to do just that.

I haven't had the opportunity to connect with other parents, and I know some of the women don't have any family. I'll keep plugging away. . .

maeve said...

Have you considered the possibility that staff members are sabotaging daughter because they don't like your involvement? They're probably used to NO parental involvement.

I think they're doing these things purposefully so that you take her out of there. Or else they're just plain not-too-bright, in which case they need to change their hiring practices.

Keep up the good work, awesome mom! You are not a pest you are an advocate.

Reverend Mom said...


I think you may be right. I'll be posting the latest soon.

Miz Kizzle said...

My BIL the family physician told me recently that expiration dates on most meds are meaningless; the law requires them but unlesss pills are decades old they will be safe to take.
In other words, sleep meds with a December expiration date are still good in mid-February, as the nursing supervisor would have told the staff member had she asked.

Reverend Mom said...

I knew the pills weren't expired, their staff isn't very bright. I don't know how she read the filled date as an expiration date. I think it was more to do with push back.