Tuesday, February 14, 2012


So last night after these issues were supposedly addressed, Daughter was fed a meal that was very high in carbs. At bedtime her blood sugar was almost 200, and she was given some potato chips for a snack. This morning her blood sugar was high, which is not surprising.
I sent an email to the Case Manager, House Manager, and the Medical Coordinator for the home. Case Manager responded right away this morning, and included Nurse, Dietitian, Counselor, Program Manager, and Psychiatrist in her response. She wants to know how this is being addressed and who the staff member was who ignored Daughter's diet and the planned menu.
This morning the staff was working with Daughter and me to figure out the carbs for her breakfast. I'm very willing to field those calls. I'm willing to help. I'm not willing to stand by and allow them to destroy her health. Daughter was much more relaxed and confident in her last two phone calls. I think it helped to know that the concerns will be addressed and she will be heard.

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