Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Five in a Row

Yesterday I didn't get to one of Daughter's calls in time, and it went to voice mail. When I listen to her voice mails, there is often a note of panic in her voice. She pleads with me to talk to her. This voice mail was different. She was obviously happy. "Hi Mama! Please call me." I did, and she didn't complain that I didn't answer her call, as she often does. I had four happy calls from her yesterday. On her last call of the evening, I pointed out that all her calls had been happy. I told her I like happy calls. "Really?" Then she laughed. She has a wonderful laugh, and it was a laugh of pure joy.
I just got off the phone with her, and once again she was happy. She didn't complain about anything. She says she's sleeping nights. It is wonderful to hear her so happy. Wonderful. She has asked me to make double decker tacos for supper tomorrow night. I will stop and get the items I need today. It will be a joy to make her something she likes. I think I need to let Regional Manager know. She deserves to hear some good news, and I need to thank her.


Anonymous said...

Yay !! Save that Happy Call voice message, then listen to it after calls of the other sort. And yes, ongoing encouragement of managers & staff is part of building trusting relationships. They have already seen that you do not believe your daughter's lies (against them) but check on the facts yourself. Ultimately you are all on the same team, trying to get (and keep) daughter as independent and adult as possible. Happy is just a side benefit!

Anonymous said...

what happened to all the massive bedwetting and food closet raiding that you put up with for years because she couldn't help i??? take care of yourself.

Reverend Mom said...

I suspect that the staff will notice she's happier, too. I will make sure they know it's because they are doing her medications right, so she feels safe.

I always knew she could control the bed wetting, so I worked real hard at not reacting. She stopped when she moved because she didn't want to be embarrassed and one of the women told her who all wet the bed when she moved in.

She wet the first few times she was here, but it was harder to make the bed with a better mattress on it, and not only did I refuse to help her, I insisted she wash the linens and make the bed. So, she stopped.

Food was an issue last time she was here, so that means I won't bring her here when she comes for Sunday. It's too much work to lock everything up.