Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Consistent and Slow

I'm nothing if not consistent. I headed out to make a call this afternoon and realized within a mile that once again, I had left my cell phone at the church. Last spring I got rid of my blackberry and started using an android. The battery life is terrible, so I keep it plugged in when I'm in the office. I still haven't adjusted to the fact that it's no longer on my body all the time-- it is now on the windowsill next to my computer stand attached to a charger.
I'm also a bit slow. I had promised a woman I would visit her today, but this is a short week and there's lots to do. Administrative Assistant asked if I was still planning to do the visit. I said I'd head over to see her about 3:00. I've always done my visiting in the early afternoon. I've done it that way because for almost 22 years my schedule revolved around Daughter's schedule. I had to pick her up from daycare or be home to meet the bus. As I drove away from the visit (which I really enjoyed) I realized that I now have the freedom to start all my visits in the late afternoon. I can have plenty of time in the office and still do some visits. When I finished the visit, I stopped by the warehouse store (less than a mile from her apartment) and then went out to eat. It was a nice way to end the day.

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