Monday, January 30, 2012


After a meeting this evening the women were talking about how organized I am. I pointed at my desk in disbelief. One said, "Oh, but you have it all up here," and pointed at her head. I laughed and told her I had her snowed.
This morning I got to the church. Someone had shoveled the walks, but there was some ice on them. I went in and dumped my briefcase, coat and various other items in my office then grabbed some salt and went out to deal with the ice. When I got back to the door I realized it was locked, and all my keys and my coat were in my office. It was about 20 out. Fortunately, I had my cellphone, so I called a man who lives close to the church to come let me in. Fortunately, he was available and made it there relatively quickly.
So as we were walking out together, one of the committee members pointed to the post it over the light switches. It says "cell phone?" I went back and got my cell phone off my desk, where I had placed it while I packed up my briefcase. The individual who had pointed to my post it note then entertained the other committee members with the story of what happened last week, when I took him home after a meeting. I got into my car and realized my cell phone wasn't in my pocket. I went back into the church to get it. When it wasn't where I thought it would be, I called it. When I didn't hear it, I knew it was in my briefcase in the car. Where Daughter and my passenger were laughing at me as they listened to it ring.
Like I said, I have them snowed.


My Garden Hat said...

I read often but don't comment much. Sort of a lurker, I suppose. I relate to so much of your experience with Daughter, as I have very similar ones with my own Miss Happy.

Your transition with her living outside your home is one we have traveled as well, and the things that are happening remind me of where we've been.

I hope it's ok that I'm reading. I find it soothing to read of your calm, no-nonsense, loving way with your daughter.

Reverend Mom said...

I'm delighted that you are reading! Have you negotiated these bumps and arrived at peace? How long did it take?