Monday, January 23, 2012

A Bull Dog

Last night I received a sobbing phone call from Daughter. They had given her her anti psychotic without food again. She was afraid she'd have meltdowns at program today. She told me she didn't feel safe there, that she wanted to, but didn't trust them to handle her meds.
I sent off a second email to the team (the first had gone out yesterday morning after I picked her up and she was such a mess). I indicated I knew Daughter could be manipulative. I mentioned the coping methods I had suggested to Daughter, and said I hadn't let her off the hook for her behavior. I also asked that the medication issues be addressed ASAP, as I knew it was hard for her to function well and control her temper without the medication on board.
I just received a copy of an email that Daughter's new Case Manager sent to the main office of Daughter's group home. She informed them that she was getting too many emails about them messing up meds and diet. She said Daughter's issues were not beyond their ability to cope, and that she wanted a plan to address the situation immediately. She threatened them with a formal complaint. Her email brought tears to my eyes. She heard our concerns. She's going to go to bat for Daughter. She will get action. It feels good to be heard and have my concerns taken seriously.
This Case Manager is new to Daughter. I had been warned she wasn't touchy-feely, and could be a bull dog. I like her.

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