Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Daughter's Physical

Daughter had a physical today, including pelvic and breast exam. It was very hard on her. Fortunately I was there to comfort her. As I was driving to her doctor's appointment, she called to have me tell staff where her appointment was. They didn't even know where they were taking her. I consider it a miracle they were only 3 minutes late getting her there. Her blood work was excellent, so that's good. Over all, I think she's doing well. She insisted she was depressed, but I pointed out to her that I thought she was disappointed. The excitement of the move is over and now she's dealing with the reality of it. She readily agreed. I don't think she's depressed because she can still laugh and tease. She still has joy in her life. So I'm not concerned about the depression.
Instead of eating a sandwich at my desk tonight, I'm going to go sit down in a restaurant and eat a real meal before my evening meeting today. Another good, busy day.

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