Monday, January 9, 2012


The manager at Daughter's house doesn't know what I need to do to get money to Daughter. They didn't get all her blood work done Saturday, so they're taking her for more tomorrow morning. Daughter is understandably upset. I gave the situation a few minutes of my time today, but am not getting sucked in. I will give Daughter cash when I see her at her doctor's appointment on Wednesday.
I'm addressing the situations in emails that are addressed to the entire team-- everyone knows my concerns. I'm doing it in a nice way, but I'm putting it in writing.
Today was a busy day at the church, and a good one. I had three committee meetings, and important work was done at each one. We are moving forward in exciting ways. It's easy to set aside Daughter's frustrations when there are so many positive things elsewhere in my life.

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