Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Part of the Problem

So yesterday the Regional Manager went over to Daughter's house to look at the records and develop a plan to fix things. She clarified the orders and developed a chart that is to be filled out that records the time the medication is given and what time supper is served. She informed staff that those times had better match. Case Manager was not satisfied, and said a formal complaint will be filed the next time there is a medication issue.
So this morning I get an email from House Manager informing us that the medication is to be given at bedtime with a snack. So HM doesn't know what RM has done. I think that is a problem. There's also the small issue that she doesn't even know what the orders state about the timing of the medication (supper, not bedtime).
Daughter was happy when I spoke to her last night, so there is some good news in all of this.

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maeve said...

I'm watching and listening because I think that your HM and my HM are on about the same intellectual level. I find that I need to call and remind Molly when Kara's meds are due to be refilled because she "forgets" to do it. Over the weekend I had to threaten to cut off the money I send monthly if she didn't get the meds renewed this week. It doesn't seem to matter that the problem is hers if the kid is unmedicated. Not looking for sympathy, just providing empathy. Yikes! or Crap! Or something way, way worse.