Sunday, January 29, 2012


Today has been my sabbath day. I shared at the meeting yesterday my plans for today-- a day spent working in a guide for retreat and connecting with God. I slept 9 hours last night, which was wonderful. I went to bed early because the day had caught up with me and I was exhausted. Today I have been reading and meditating. The guide I'm using is from a different tradition, and so I'm having some problems with the theology, but I've been able to re frame some of the questions in ways that are more in line with my tradition and they have been very helpful.
It's been snowing much of the day. I have a fire in the fireplace, so it is nice and cozy here in the family room. Daughter has called a couple of times, but has not tried to convince me to come rescue her. I've taken a couple of breaks to get on the computer and check email and such. Last night I had sent out a summary of the retreat, asking for corrections. I received one this morning (he was actually correcting information he had provided). I responded, thanking him for the correction. He responded with an email scolding me for reading his email today. His second email had "Don't Open until Monday," as the subject. Of course I opened it. Obedience is one of the issues I've been wrestling with in my reflections today.
One of my kids from Tiny Village was injured in an accident yesterday. She ended up being life flighted to the hospital an hour away. I saw something about it on facebook. It was like a sock in the gut. I found a post from her brother, and it sounds like she's going to be okay. I also found an article on it in the paper, and it sounds like she ran a stop sign. Her brother thought she'd be home later this week, and asked people not to visit. I was relieved to see that news. It was the first time in a long time I've wished I was in Tiny Village. When I saw the news, I began praying for the girl and her extended family-- they were all members of the church. I was sorry I wasn't there to wait with them.
I am glad, though, that I am here. I have had several emails wishing me a good, restful day today. They get that I'm human. They know I have limits. They want me to take care of myself. This is a good place to be. Now it's time to stir up the fire and return to my spiritual exercises.

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