Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Walks

One of the saints picked me up this morning to go walk in a park with her dog. We've been doing this most Saturdays. We had snow yesterday, and it is a cold, sunny day. The sun was reflecting off the snow, and it was beautiful. The snow was actually sparkling. The snow was crunching under our feet. We saw a couple of people cross country skiing, and there were tracks from snow shoes. It was interesting, because with the leaves gone, we could see things we don't see other times of the year. I was amazed by the number of trees that had fallen, probably in the heavy snow we had in November. It really thinned out the forest. It was quiet. I was wearing heavy socks with my boots, so once I adjusted to breathing the cold air, I was very comfortable. It was a beautiful day to be out walking.
Daughter was into food Thursday night. She wanted to come home today, but I told her I wasn't going to lock up food for her. She tried to convince me it wasn't her fault she was into food. I refused to listen, and pointed out that not only was she into food, she lied to me about it. I will pick her up for worship tomorrow morning, and will take her back after lunch. I expressed confidence that she would learn to control herself around food, and would be able to spend more time here.

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