Friday, January 13, 2012


I was at a meeting yesterday. It was over 70 miles from here. We had a winter storm coming in, and the individual running the meeting was not skilled in running meetings. It was excruciating. Sister Best Friend was sitting next to me (and emailing me, I discovered when I got home). She finally pointed out the meeting had been going on for 2 hours and there was a winter storm coming in. She's my hero. The leader of the committee agreed to adjourn, and asked SBF to close us in prayer. She did.
It made me appreciate the great meetings we had this week at the church even more. We had another good one Wednesday night, when we made lots of plans for Lent. That committee was really excited about some of the ideas I brought to them.
Daughter just left after coming yesterday evening for choir and to spend the night. Her blood sugar was good this morning, and she knew that I hadn't locked up the food last night. I'm pleased that she handled being around unlocked food. Unlike the committee meeting, her visits are not excruciating. I'm actually beginning to enjoy them.

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