Saturday, January 28, 2012

Short Crisis Leading into Great Day

Daughter called this morning, hysterical. She had a run-in with a staff member over medication issues. She claims staff member called me a d***** f******* liar. I told her it didn't bother me, which shocked her. I pointed out she'd called me far worst. She wanted me to come get her immediately because she wasn't safe there. I ran through the usual song and dance and told her I'd address the medication issue. I sent an email to Regional Director. I didn't include Case Manager on it (I suspect that staff was read the riot act on Daughter's medication issues and IF the staff member went off on Daughter it was because she was afraid of being fired for messing up.) I listed the usual disclaimers and asked her to look for what had become of the paperwork from Daughter's doctor's appointment, which included prescriptions for the medications in question and which the home claims they don't have. I suspect they have gotten lost in the chaos there. Daughter called back after breakfast to tell me she was better. I reminded her I had a meeting all day and wouldn't be available until after 4:00. Amazingly, she hasn't called again, and it's after 5:30.
The planning retreat for the boards today was awesome. We covered an amazing amount of material. I paced for almost 6 hours as I led the discussions. We celebrated the accomplishments of 2011 (and we came up with a number of accomplishments), evaluated our progress on the priorities we'd set for ourselves last year, and set new goals for this year. It really felt like we were moving forward in exciting ways. The focus for this year is going to be on growing and caring for the congregation. We spent some time making plans after we split into the separate boards. The attendance was amazing. Of the 18 people on the boards, only the two people who are out of town didn't attend. We are forming a task force to begin making plans for our 40th anniversary, which takes place in 3 years. We've already had 4 people volunteer to work on it, and one of them will serve as convener.
I finished the last meeting at 3:00. I transcribed all the information we put on newsprint and have emailed that to everyone. I've already received minutes from the board meeting I missed. Once again I am feeling very blessed to be serving with this congregation. We talked some about my plans for a sabbath/personal retreat tomorrow, and they were very supportive of it. One of the priorities we set for me last year was self-care. I named moving Daughter out as an important part of my self-care.
I'm excited about the opportunities this coming year will bring. I have started a fire in the fire place, and this evening I'm going to relax. Tomorrow I will begin working through the guide to retreat workbook, but only after I sleep in for a bit. On Monday I'll begin working on the newsletter and all the other things that need to get done this week. I'm looking forward to a week full of a variety of different opportunities for ministry. I love my life.

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