Saturday, January 7, 2012

Daughter's Frustrating Day

Daughter started the day frustrated. Because they hadn't cashed the check I'd sent for her spending money, she wasn't able to go out to breakfast after her fasting blood draw as we usually do. She claims that they wanted her to take her insulin before she went for the blood work-- even though she wouldn't be able to eat. I'm hoping she's wrong about that. I will send an email off inquiring. She says she had to argue with them and they insisted she was wrong, but finally went along with her. I will check on that.
Then the rest of the women went to a movie, but because she didn't have money, she wasn't able to go. Then she called at supper time. Everyone else was eating, but she was waiting for the staff member who as on meds to come and help her check her blood sugar and get her insulin. I have no idea where the staff member was, but she wasn't in the house. It sounds to me like things are not going well there at all. I think they have major staff issues going on. Given the state of the economy, I'd think the staff members would want to hang on to their jobs.
Of course each phone call has been accompanied by a plea for me to come get her. Each time I've told her I'm sorry she's having a bad day, expressed confidence in her ability to handle things, and told her I'm looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. I'm glad that aren't too many days like this.

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