Sunday, January 1, 2012


Yesterday I was walking with one of the saints, who had a friend along from out of town. Her friend is a personal trainer. I asked how she got into it, and she explained she'd lost 200 lbs. I asked how she'd done it, and she said she got out of a stressful situation. I'm sure there was more involved than that, but I am hoping that this year will be a year when I will lose weight.
A colleague, who is very much into fitness and running, sent me a flyer about a 10 week program for women over 50 that culminates with walking or running a 5K in March. They meet twice a week. I looked at my calendar, and I think I can make it work. I'll miss the last few Wednesday evenings because of Lent, but I won't have a problem making the Saturdays.
I'm feeling like Daughter has made the transition, and is settling in well at the group home. We are having another pleasant visit. She is happier and more relaxed. Which certainly cuts down on my stress. I suspect I'll still take on more than I should at the church. I love what I'm doing, though, so for the most part I find ministry energizing. I had a conversation this morning with a woman who is struggling with her husband's advancing dementia. Of course she insists she will never put him in a home. I talked to one of the medical social workers in the congregation, who called me this afternoon with a list of resources and numbers. I need to find a time to continue the conversation. It's going to be a busy month, and I'm looking forward to jumping in.

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