Sunday, January 22, 2012

Melt Downs

Daughter called last night, sobbing. She insisted I needed to come get her, she couldn't live there anymore. I figured she was manipulating because I had refused to let her spend Saturday night here because she'd been into food.
When I went to pick her up this morning, she was a mess. She had gone off on one of the staff members. I tried to calm her down on the drive to church, but she just wasn't willing/able to calm.
Then I remembered something. She had called at supper yesterday to complain. They had given her her anti psychotic before they even began to cook supper. This particular drug needs to be taken with at least 400 calories in order for it to be absorbed. I called the home and checked with staff, who looked it up. She was given her pill at least 90 minutes before supper. Sigh. I have sent an email to the team asking that this be clarified and that her anti psychotic be given with her supper.
I said this didn't excuse her behavior, and I did talk to her about it, but that I was concerned that she's not getting her medication as she should be. When I dropped her off, I told her that if she felt like she was going to blow, she needed to go to her room. She wasn't to go off on staff. Apparently they have some new staff members,and they aren't doing the meds properly. With the turnover, this is going to be an ongoing challenge, I'm sure.

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Anonymous said...

It must be scary to know you need things (meds) and not be sure you are getting the right ones at the right time. Our daughter is almost 18, and stated recently that she is "not looking forward to it." I am downplaying the Big Birthday Thing, reminding her that it is just a number, like 17 or 19, and we don't expect her to be 100% Grown Up yet -- her parents sure weren't! Growing up can be scary + exciting for anyone, and how much more so for our kids who know they need help, but are not sure how to secure it. Your daughter is blessed to have you at her back. R in SL