Monday, January 23, 2012


This morning I realized it would be very helpful to have my set of church keys for the meeting tonight. I'm going to need the portable projector, which is locked up in a cabinet downstairs. Now Administrative Assistant has keys to it, but she won't be in today, so I'd have to try to remember where she placed them in her office. I decided to do one last all out search for the keys.
I know I had them before the retreat, so I checked all the cases I took to the retreat. I looked on the floor under the front passenger seat of the car. I looked in the drawer where I got some of the things I took on the retreat. I checked the kitchen table and counters again. Finally, I gave up. I reached in my pocket for my house and car keys, and they weren't there. So, I retraced all my steps. As I was checking out the car, I caught a flash of silver under the back part of the rear car seat on the passenger's side. My church keys!
I was delighted. I was unable to find my house and car keys, though, so I am now using the spare set. I'm trying to figure out if this is progress....

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