Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Party

We have about 32 members of the church involved in a program that assigns mentors to at-risk elementary students. The mentors go to the school and spend an hour a week with the kids. Twice a year, we bring them to the church for a party. Today was our first party of this school year. Usually it's at Christmas time, but for a variety of reasons we delayed it this year. I was asked to be the story teller. I found an appropriate book and read it to 3 different groups of kids who were 7-10 years old. I had a blast!
The book was good, I got them involved, and it was a reminder of how much I miss spending time with children. We had a lot of kids in Tiny Village, and they'd grown up around me so were very comfortable with me. We don't have that many kids here, and I don't have many opportunities to spend time with them. I told the program director that I would love to be the official story teller for all the parties.

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Anonymous said...

It's terrific that your church is involved in this ministry! We are also, but we have a lot less mentors. Our fellowship is in a very "high risk" part of the city and the schools really need this kind of help. My dream is to raise a daughter who would be interested in this sort of outreach, but it's not looking likely. Every day I see more evidence of the 150% self-centeredness of her worldview. Not sure what (if anything) I can do about it, which makes me deeply sorrowful. Is your Daughter involved in this also, or would she be interested? R in SL