Friday, January 27, 2012

Too Good to Be True

A book I've been reading describes a pastor's breakdown, and talks about the importance of sabbath. I read it and took the message to heart, and decided this Sunday is going to be a sabbath day for me. I have the day off (I decided I wanted the day off after the big meeting tomorrow). Originally, I was going to worship at a sister church and then take Daughter to a movie in the afternoon. Yesterday I decided I was going to stay home all day and reflect on some the exercises in a retreat guide I just purchased.
I will stay at the church tomorrow afternoon to write summaries of the retreat, and then I will leave that behind when I come home. Sunday I will sleep in and spend the day away from technology. I'll have my Bible, the retreat guide, and music if I want it. I met with my spiritual director today, and she encouraged me to go out for a walk if I need a break. I'm excited about my plans and looking forward to it.
So last night I explained to Daughter that I wasn't going to see her this Sunday. She said that was fine. I was really surprised by who well she took it. Then came this evening's phone call. Lots of sobbing. She insisted she had to be with me this weekend. I listened, reassured, and stayed firm. When she called back later, she was no longer trying to convince me to come rescue her.
I know the change in routine is hard on her. A sabbath day is going to be very good for me. My spiritual director also gave me several suggestions for retreat centers where I can make a personal retreat after Easter. She had some suggestions as to how I approach it, and we will talk about it more when I see her next month. That's another blessing I have here-- access to a spiritual director.

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